Here you will find Lenormand Readings, Spells (which I call Enchantments), and one-of-a-kind Visionary Art created on commission that consists of Soul Portraits, Manifestation Mandalas, and Spirit Guide Portraits. I also provide free informative articles on a variety of spiritual topics.

My Mission Statement

I pride myself on my ethics. I will never attempt to misguide you, manipulate you, or attempt to make you feel dependent upon my services. I believe in empowering others so they can take the steps necessary to improve their own lives. I attempt to keep my readings clear and to the point. I do not sugar-coat the information, but I also strive to be diplomatic, compassionate, and I never judge another person. It is my goal that all who order my services are enriched in some way by the experience. From the first initial email inquiry to the end result I strive to provide you with the best customer service possible. I reply to all emails within 48 hours & I confirm all orders well within 24 hours of payment. I endeavor to do my best to provide you with spiritual information and guidance that helps you to bring about positive changes in your life.

It is my sincere hope that all who visit my site are somehow uplifted by the experience.

To learn about my ethics as a practitioner and business owner, please click here before ordering.


About Me

I am a professional card reader, psychic, & visionary artist with over 30 years of experience. I have been practicing Wicca since 1980, am also a Reiki master-teacher, & the exclusive channel for the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael, whom I have been channeling since 1996.

My academic background consists of a BA in Anthropology from Northwestern University (1985), MA in Anthropology from the University of California in Santa Barbara (1989), and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Latin American Studies from the University of Texas, Austin (1996). My work has been published a number of times within my field, which is the study of the socio-political organization, spirituality, epigraphy, and iconography of the Classic Maya civilization.

Spiritually, I was raised Catholic, but left the Church the day of my confirmation due to the fact that my priest was unable to answer very simple questions and I was expected to believe in what I was told, but my parents had raised me to have a mind of my own. I discovered Wicca in 1976 and dedicated myself to the Goddess and the God on Beltane, 1980. I have been practicing Wicca ever since. I resonate best with the Egyptian Aspects of Deity, but I also work with Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, & Jesus Christ. I have been psychic my entire life and am self-taught with regards to reading Tarot cards. I actually found my first tarot deck in the trash after my mother grew frustrated and threw her deck and book out. When I asked if I could have them she said, “knock yourself out, but they don’t work.” I devoured the book in two days and within a week I was reading her cards for her! The rest, as they say, is history.

Professionally, I have been reading Tarot since 1976 and professionally since 1995. I have been reading Lenormand cards since 2010. I created a Lenormand deck for my own use and self-published The Egyptian Lenormand in 2013. It was later mass-published by Schiffer Books in 2015. The Egyptian Lenormand differs from all other Lenormand card decks in a number of respects. The images are all channeled from the Egyptian gods with Whom I work (with the sole exception of the Child card). The artistic mediums I used to create the images and the original images themselves from which the deck was created all received Reiki master degree attunements, plus additional positive energy so that when properly activated following a ceremony detailed in the 176-page accompanying guidebook, the cards for The Egyptian Lenormand can also be used for healing and magic, in addition to divination/fortune telling. Everyone who purchases a deck from me receives it signed, attuned to both Reiki and CIER, plus I take it through the activation ceremony so it arrives ready to be used not just for divination, but also for healing and magical manifestation.

The Egyptian Lenormand was very well received and is the recipient of several prestigious awards:

  • Lenormand Deck of the Year, 2015 from the American Tarot Association & Tarot Reflections
  • Lenormand/Kipper Deck of the Year, 2015 from The International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards
  • Best First-Work by an Illustrator (Nefer Khepri), 2015 from The International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards

The Turtle Lenormand. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015

I self-published my second Lenormand deck, The Turtle Lenormand in 2015, simply because I dearly love turtles. I followed up The Turtle Lenormand with my first oracle deck of all channeled material, Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm (2017). Copies of both decks are still available for order. I ship worldwide.

Currently, I am working on a grand total of two tarot decks, two oracle decks, and another Lenormand deck. I am always busy so am never bored. My favorite thing to do is to create art. Please follow me on Instagram to see photos of my in-progress work.

Personally, I was born and raised an only child in northern Illinois along the shore of Lake Michigan. If you follow me on Facebook you will quickly discover that I am a huge fan of the World Champion Chicago Cubs. I am proud to be a third generation fan & I raised my daughter to be a fourth generation fan.  I am married to a wonderful man whom I met while a doctoral graduate student at UT-Austin. We have one daughter about to complete high school who is the member of three national honor societies. She was just accepted into the Honors Program at her chosen college & has been granted a scholarship. We are incredibly proud of her, to say the least. We have a crazy Chartreux cat who loves to attack me and make me scream. She is a true joy and such a little character. We all live in Houston, Texas.

About My Services


I perform spells, which I call Enchantments, for you regarding Love, Money, Family, Work,  Education, Protection, Clearing, Banishing, and whatever other purposes in order to introduce more positive energy into your life to help you to manifest your wishes. All Enchantments are performed during the lunar phase and day of the week that best correspond to your intention. You will receive a report on how your candle(s) performed that will conclude with my psychic interpretation of the remains of your candle(s). My Enchantment Reports range from 4 – 12 pages, depending on how much information comes through. I also perform what I call Power Enchantments. Those candles burn 5 – 7 days and they are the strongest enchantments I offer.

I also offer Lenormand Readings, which are probably new to many of you. Lenormand is a 300-year-old method of European divination/fortune-telling that also uses cards. When people ask me what is the difference between a Tarot and Lenormand reading I tell them a Tarot reading can offer advice and provides a spiritual point of view regarding the situation.  A Lenormand reading can do the same thing, but it also gives you details of what is happening in the lives of everyone affected by the question you are asking, so a Lenormand reading is more down to earth.

(C) Nefer Khepri,      2010

I am a professional artist and I have created art for people around the world. I design intuitive Soul Portraits, which are unique and based upon the individual. You receive symbols that are important regarding your own Soul’s spiritual evolution. All symbols are interpreted in writing and usually information about past lives, messages from spirit guides, and soul lessons are often included with your Soul Portrait.

(C) Nefer Khepri      2011

Manifestation Mandalas are another type of visionary art I create on commission. The symbols I receive in meditation for you are incorporated into a mandala format. I charge each Manifestation Mandala with positive energy to help you manifest up to four wishes that you specify to me when you order. Looking at your one-of-a-kind Manifestation Mandala and focusing upon it releases that positive energy it contains so that energy can work on helping you to manifest your wishes.

New to my site with the page still under construction is another form of visionary art: Spirit Guide Portraits. As with my Soul Portraits and Manifestation Mandalas, I enter into meditation during which I receive both an image and a message from one of your spirit guides. Each Spirit Guide Portrait includes a written message from your spirit guide as well as any information

(C) Nefer Khepri 2012

about their last physical incarnation on earth I can gather for you. (This page is still under construction, but if you’re interested please email me at

I create all visionary art with professional artist-grade artistic mediums that are light-fast and I use acid-free card stock so when framed and kept out of direct sunlight your commissioned artwork will last longer than an average lifetime. All visionary art is shipped either flat or rolled in a mailing tube.

Social Media

I spend most of my social media time on Facebook and I invite you to send me a friend request, like & follow my business page, & join my group. I am also on Instagram where I post in-progress photos of my deck projects & commissioned visionary art. You can also find me on Twitter. I invite you to follow my blog where I post “how-to” posts regarding magic, autobiographical entries, and reviews of card decks. I can always be reached via email at

Legal Speak

When placing an order with me please keep in mind you are only paying me for my expertise, time, energy, and any materials I use in order to fill your order. My enchantments have a high success rate & you can visit my testimonials page to read what others have to say about them, but you are not paying me for results. I also have a high degree of accuracy in my card readings, but should you not like the predicted outcome, always remember the future is NOT engraved in stone. Change your current behavior and/or attitude regarding your situation and you can very well change the outcome. A reader works hard on every reading and no one should ever request a refund or dispute a PayPal transaction simply because they do not like what the reader had to say.

As a result of the aforementioned, all Services ordered at are non-refundable once the Service has commenced (Readings & Visionary Art) or is performed (Enchantments).

Due to the nature of my work and laws within the State of Texas in which I reside, I am sorry but I do not provide Services or information to minors (younger than 18), nor do I read on matters pertaining to health.

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