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All you need to know about your Relationship & your Partner.


Testimonial by R. Perry of Austin, Texas:

"I saw Nefer in her home after my relationship had fallen apart.  She suggested we use this reading to find out what went wrong & why.  I was amazed at how it opened my eyes to what my partner was feeling at the time and what her fears and insecurities were.  If only I had come to see Nefer sooner, armed with this knowledge I would have behaved differently and S. and I would still be together today.  How I wish I had come to see Mary for this reading before the problems got too out of hand!"  (and no, this is NOT Govenor Rick Perry, for those of you who have asked)


Testimonial by A. Ramirez of Sarasota, Florida:

"Nefer & I have been e-mail pals for a while now & when she considered doing this reading for her Internet clients she asked if I would volunteer to be a guinea pig to see if this reading would work well over long distance.  My husband & I were already having lots of problems, all of which I had not discussed with her, so I agreed immediately.  Not only did her reading tell me what my husband was thinking & what he was expecting from me, but after Nefer told me what was really going on, I was able to confront our problems head-on.  We began seeing a couple's counselor & we are now much happier.  Nefer's reading showed me the way & I can never thank her enough for her wonderful insights, guidance, & compassionate understanding!"


This reading is specially designed to help answer your most important questions regarding a romantic relationship.  These are things you really need to know in order to make this relationship work and be successful!

All I need from  you is the full name & date of birth of each person.  I then contact the Spirit Guide responsible for guiding the relationship for a thorough tarot card reading that will give you the following information:


* What type of foundation your Relationship is based upon 

* Your Relationship's recent past 

* What currently is going on in your Relationship 

* Common obstacles you both face that directly affect the Relationship 

* How Partner # 1 sees the Relationship 

* How Partner # 2 sees the Relationship 

* What Partner # 1 expects from the Relationship 

* What Partner # 2 expects from the Relationship 

* The direction in which your Relationship is moving

When ordering, please include a SECURE e-mail address.  This type of reading can really upset the other person involved, so it is clearly best that it is kept strictly confidential & that you do not allow them to see it.  So please be sure you have your own private e-mail address.  I cannot be held responsible for what may happen if they read your reading by mistake.  Thank you!

Through this Reading discover your Partner's hidden motives so you can begin to act on healing rifts, smoothing over misunderstandings, & gaining peace of mind.

Why not order your Temple of Love reading today?  And don't forget to e-mail me with the full names & dates of birth of each person involved so I can do your reading.  All Temple of Love readings are delivered to your e-mail box within 48- 72 hours of receipt of payment in Rich Text Format that can be read by any word processing program.

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